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Obama stands with Ché mural: Ché Guevara was a terrorist and murderer

via Twitter/Screenshot

via Twitter/Screenshot

Today during his tour of Cuba, President Obama stopped to take pictures at Cuba’s “Revolution Plaza” — which includes murals of Marxists Ché Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos. The picture above shows the Ché mural directly behind the President, as he appears to stand for a moment of reverence.

Here’s the problem: Ché isn’t just a guy on a hippy tee-shirt. He was an international terrorist and a mass murderer.

In fact, to correct the record on Ché, Young America’s Foundation (YAF) does an annual “No More Ché Day” every October to remind students of the heinous acts he committed. Apparently, Obama needs to receive this information too.

Last year, YAF had an informative quiz, “Who said it? Ché Guevara or Hitler?” 

One YAF poster superimposes Ché’s countless victims over his face to illustrate his murder streak, which included women and children:

via YAF

via YAF

YAF isn’t pleased that our President stood with an image of Ché.

YAF spokeswoman Emily Jashinsky told Red Alert:

“Che Guevara murdered thousands of people and is on the record as having said he intended to launch nuclear weapons at ‘the heart of the U.S.’ We routinely see immature college students and radical professors express support for Che and his anti-American ideals on campuses, but to see the President of the United States literally standing in the shadow of a mass murderer is an alarming reminder of his ideological orientation.”

Jashinsky’s comments were also echoed on Twitter by those similarly disgusted.


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