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White hipsters: Cops are “racist.” Blacks from Harlem disagree [VIDEO]

Image via Screenshot

Image via Screenshot

White liberals like to consider themselves as champions of minorities and allies in the fight against racism. Despite their best intentions, white liberals see racism in areas it doesn’t exist.

Amit Horowitz asked white hipsters in Brooklyn and minorities in Harlem what they thought about the police — and the difference was startling.

The hipsters described the cops as being “out of control,” “greedy,” and “racist;” spoke of “an epidemic of police brutality;” and said minorities have a “justifiable rage against police.”

“They’re greedy, and they’re racists and it’s not just in New York, it’s nationwide,” said one of the white liberals.

Horowitz went to Harlem to discover the rage and hatred, but found that minorities — who had dealings with police officers — thought they were doing an excellent job protecting their neighborhood.

Everyone gave reasonably good reviews to the NYPD. One man even asked for “more presence,” and another woman said “no complaints.”

Those who had personal encounters with police officers all gave them positive reviews, regardless if it was as simple as a stolen wallet to a family member being murdered.

Watch the full tape below: