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Students support ‘affirmative suicide’ to combat ‘white privilege’ [VIDEO]

Image via Screenshot

Image via Screenshot

The myths of white privilege and institutionalized racism have engulfed nearly every college campus in the country including Harvard University.

A video leaked on Monday showed a 2012 debate featuring West Georgia University students Miguel Feliciano and Damiyr Davis claiming that white lives don’t matter and Caucasians should commit suicide over their “white privilege.”

“White life is wrong,” Feliciano said. “Our argument is that we should never affirm white life. White life is based off black subjugation.”

Rather than arguing about the substance behind the idea that white privilege existed, or acknowledging the advances and contributions whites have contributed to the human race — which includes everything from penicillin, the personal computer, and DNA, to toilet paper — they said Caucasians should fight against societal ills, like their own privilege.

That argument did not persuade the West Georgia University students.

“Struggling against the structure means putting yourself on the line, putting your body on the line, do it. Affirmative suicide, that’s cool, it’s one little step in the right direction,” Feliciano said.

This conversation is not only anti-academic and ignorant, but it would not be tolerated if it was discussed among any other population. Imagine if Evangelical Christians held a debate at Liberty University discussing whether gays should commit suicide — anyone holding such an argument would be tarred and feathered and the institution holding the debate would be picketed.

It’s a sad state of reality that modern education entertains societal myths; what’s next, a science class on unicorns?

Update: UWG said in a statement to the Douglas County Sentinel that the video took the debate out of context, saying that Feliciano was using extreme rhetoric in order to combat his opponents argument that white people should embrace wind turbines in their neighborhoods to tackle racism.

Watch the full video below:

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