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Criminal aliens released by Obama committed 135 murders since 2010



“When you subsidize something, you get more of it,” Ronald Reagan once famously said about the agriculture industry. Well, the Obama Administration has been subsidizing and protecting criminal aliens for years, and now Americans are paying the price.

The Center for Immigration Studies reported Monday that 124 illegal immigrants released under President Obama’s lax immigration policy have murdered more than 135 people since 2010.

All of these illegal immigrants were released by Immigration and Custom Enforcement into the general public, despite having previous criminal convictions.

The criminal aliens were in prison to begin with for committing 464 crimes — including DUIs, larceny, and theft.

This tally only includes those arrested by ICE agents and then released into the general public — not the illegal immigrants who lived in sanctuary cities and states, or the ones released by local law enforcement.

Another 156 criminal aliens who were released twice by ICE agents since 2013, despite having committed 1,776 crimes, tallied up 243 additional convictions — including DUIs, burglary, drug offenses, theft, and sex offenses.

President Obama, under pressure from ethnic lobbies, hasn’t been aggressive on removing criminal aliens. Less than a thousand out of more than 30,000 have been deported.

This lack of law enforcement is putting American lives at risk, and very few are willing to talk about it.

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