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Student reporter accidentally calls Hillary, ‘Monica,’ gets booted out of event

 (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

(AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

Saying the wrong name during sex could get someone kicked out of the bedroom; mistaking Hillary Clinton’s name with a woman who had an affair with her husband will get you kicked out of a press conference.

Elise Goodvin, the editor for her student newspaper at Iowa City High School, accidentally called the Democratic front-runner “Monica” at a press conference and was told to leave.

The editor wrote in the The Tab how excited she was that her small school paper was invited to cover a major political event in Monticello, Iowa. During the rally, the teenager was impressed to be standing next to reporters from the New York Times and a woman from MSNBC named Monica.

They made polite conversation before the rally, but when Clinton came to greet the press it became chaotic and Goodvin claimed that the Democratic front-runner’s press person went missing.

The teen saw a hand reaching out to shake hers, she assumed it was the woman from MSNBC. Goodvin reached out and said, “it’s nice meeting you Monica.”

Unfortunately, the hand belonged to the former Secretary of State.

She freaked out, looked at Clinton and said “I meant her… not Lewinsky,” pointing at the MSNBC correspondent.

Clinton’s face was a mask of rage and Goodvin ended up nervously giggling as a high school student probably would under such pressure. She tried to thank the Democratic front-runner for all she had done with education, but it was too late.

Clinton’s head of media approached Goodvin and told her that Clinton would no longer be taking any of her questions and that it would be best if she left the event.

Goodvin learned a valuable lesson that day, and when she takes Shakespeare in high school and Romeo asks Juliet “what’s in a name,” the teen can answer, “access to a presidential candidate.”

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