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From college campuses to Trump rallies: Liberals hate free speech

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Leftist group MoveOn.Org sent students, Black Lives Matter activists, and their own members to protest Republican Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago.

According to Deadline, Tens of thousands of people descended on the Trump rally creating altercations with both supporters of the Republican frontrunner and police.

Spot News reported that activists, egged on by MoveOn, were throwing bottles, jumping on cop cars, and physically fighting with the police.

Greg Kelly of CBS news reported that one police was seen leaving the protests with his face completely covered in blood.

CNN’s John King reported that not only congratulated the actions of protestors but also took credit for the chaos that ensued.

This catastrophe in Chicago is bigger than Donald Trump and speeches about walls, Mexican rapists, or a temporary ban on Muslim immigration. This is the left to it’s very core: a violent mob that will shutdown anyone who disagrees with their myths, slogans, or ideas about phantom racism.

There are countless incidents of conservative speakers on college campuses being threatened and their supporters being attacked, from Ben Shapiro, to Milo Yiannopoulos, to Ann Coulter, to Katie Palvich, and more.

Liberals can only have their messages absorbed when a mob endless repeats slogans like”black lives matter” or “Bush lied, kids died.”

Compare how any conservative has ever been treated on a liberal college campus to the way that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was treated at Liberty University.

Rather than protests, the overwhelmingly conservative student body applauded Sanders and greeted him with positive debate.

Trump is only the last victim of the organized left’s movement to silence anyone they disagree with, but he will surely not be the last.

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