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Mizzou enrollment plummets due to #BlackLivesMatter protests

Sarah Rell/Missourian/AP

Sarah Rell/Missourian/AP

#BlackLivesMatter protestors at the University of Missouri intended to transform the school’s “institutionalized racism,” but may have bankrupted the school instead.

The protests began in November, when a student named Jonathan Butler led a hunger strike to fight against the school’s unbearable institutionalized racism. #BlackLivesMatter protesters quickly descended on the school like flies on a carcass leading to walkouts and mass demonstrations.

Despite his claims about how severely he suffered from prejudice on campus, Butler was the son of a wealthy railroad executive and had been a student at Mizzou for six years.

Butler’s antics about phony racism and his desire to change the school from within may have destroyed it forever.

According to the Columbia Tribune, interim Chancellor Hank Foley sent out a memo confirming that the freshmen enrollment and retention is down by 25 percent, or 1,500 students. The massive loss of the student population has left the school with a $32 million deficit, forcing a hiring freeze and a five percent cut to all recurring general revenue budgets.

The five percent cut will still leave the school with a $10 million shortfall, and more cuts will probably have to be made in the near future.

“Realize most of our expenses are people,” Ward said in the memo. “[Take the] $32 million, and look at an average salary of $40,000, $50,000, and we’re talking about hundreds and hundreds of positions impacted.”

The news comes shortly after Missouri lawmakers voted to cut $7.6 million from the UM System’s administrative funding.

Tuition increases may have to come in the near future, but because of a state law, increases can only be a maximum of .7 percent per year, covering only $2 million.

With the massive budget shortfall, #BlackLivesMatter members’ demands that Mizzou increase funding for black activities, black staff members, and professors are now as much of a fantasy as the institutionalized racism they pretended to exist.

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