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Would you date someone with different political views? [POLL]

Image via screenshot.

Image via screenshot.

A Singles in America survey from last month studied politics and dating. More recently, the teen polling app Wishbone did their own survey on dating, which also factors in politics.

There’s an almost even split on if millennials would date someone with different political beliefs. Only a slight majority would date someone with different political beliefs, at 53 percent, while 47 percent said they would not.

What about mentioning politics on the first date? Unlike other surveys polling more age groups, only 30 percent of millennials would get religion and politics out of the way for a first date. That’s 70 percent who don’t think it wise to bring it up.

If the relationship is serious enough to lead to marriage, 36 percent say their parents and families would care if they married someone from a different political party.

For millennials, dating and politics may not have to always intersect then, if they even do at all.

Take our poll: Would you date someone with opposing political views?

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