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No Super Delegates: Chris Matthews mocks RNC for ‘letting the people vote’

Imagine via Screenshot

Imagine via Screenshot

MSNBC host Chris Matthews was stunned on Tuesday night by the Republican leadership’s failure to take down Donald Trump. He mocked them for not being like the Democrats and letting voters decide on their nominee.

Matthews was speaking to Sue Lowden, the former Chairwoman of the Nevada Republican Party, and wanted to know why the Republican establishment wasn’t more effective in taking down Trump.

“The lack of reality or a fervor or of commitment of the Republican establishment to stand up to Trump,” Matthews said to Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow. “They sit and fiddle about it and worry about it, and here he is winning. No one put together an organization to stop him.”

“Have you heard from Reince Priebus tonight, where is this guy? He’s the party chair, and he has no leadership, where is the guy?” Matthews continued.

The MSNBC host then compared Republicans to Democrats and stated that the Democratic leadership would never allow a populist candidate like Bernie Sanders to succeed.

“Harry Reid was out here working every one of the casinos, he made sure his party went, and you can bet Debbie Wasserman Schultz has a favorite in this race,” he continued.

Sue Lowden respectfully disagreed, stating that the party leadership was allowing voters to decide their nominee.

“Letting the people vote, letting the people vote you know,” Matthews said. “That’s leadership, whatever you like! Whatever you like!”

Democrats, unlike Republican, have used unelected super delegates to give Hillary Clinton an enormous advantage in winning their parties nomination despite the fact that Sanders has received more votes, especially with millennials.

Nicole Wallace, one of MSNBC’s token Republicans, slammed Matthews for those comments, stating that the GOP’s ability to allow voters to decide showed strength in the party.

“The notion that Sue Lowden trusts the voters is one of the greatest strengths of the Republican Party,” Wallace said. “Most Republicans look at the super delegate process as a corrupt for Hillary Clinton and the party leaders to put the finger on the scale against a guy, Bernie Sanders, who most grassroots liberals adore.”

Watch Matthews comments and Wallace’s response below: