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Liberals celebrate Scalia’s death on Twitter

 (AP Photo/Chris Greenberg, File)

(AP Photo/Chris Greenberg, File)

Justice Antonin Scalia passed away on Saturday at the age of 79-years old, leaving behind a wife, nine children, 36 grandchildren, and millions of liberals celebrating.

During his 29-years on the Supreme Court, Scalia became known for his ironclad principles, constitutional originalism, and his excellent sense of humor. He claimed to consider everyone, including extreme liberals on the court — like Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, his friend.

“Everybody I’ve served with on the Court I’ve regarded as a friend. Some were closer than others, but I didn’t consider myself an enemy of any of them,” Scalia said to New York Magazine back in 2013.

Liberals on Twitter have not given the deceased Justice the same amount of respect.

Within minutes of the announcement of his death, liberals were all over the internet celebrating. For some who claim to be humanists, it doesn’t speak highly of their humanity.

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