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Hey Media: Rubio is only 1 delegate behind Cruz

Despite the media obituaries for Senator Marco Rubio’s campaign, the delegate math tells a starkly different story.

With the voting completed in New Hampshire and Iowa, Donald Trump leads the delegate count with 17 delegates, Sen. Ted Cruz is in second with 11 delegates, and Sen. Marco Rubio is in third with 10 delegates.

Gov. John Kasich — who despite having won a lower percentage of the vote than Gov. Jon Huntsman in 2012, was crowned by the media as the victor of the New Hampshire primary — has just 5 delegates.

Gov. Jeb! Bush has just 4 delegates, after attacking nearly every other candidate and wasting millions of dollars.

via Screenshot/Google

via Screenshot/Google

So, while the media may be critical of Rubio now, the reality is that he is more viable than Kasich or Bush. How can Kasich or Bush win in South Carolina (which is winner-take-all by congressional district) or in the Southern Super Tuesday primaries? They have no appeal in the south, meaning they’ll be waiting until March 15 to be able to have a shot at winning any delegates.

As we’ve often pointed out before, Rubio is the most electable among millennials in the general election, and almost every general election poll has him finishing best against Hillary Clinton.

Let the delegates, not the media, do the talking.

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