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Liberal media: Millennials ‘failing Hillary’, upholding ‘sexist double standard’

via Associated Press.

via Associated Press.

Hillary Clinton will remind voters every chance she gets that she’s a woman. Seriously, it’s why she thinks she’ll be different from President Obama. But, just as likely to remind voters are her desperate fans in the media.

The reasoning is not only that Hillary is a woman (as if it’s a needed reminder), but that if you don’t like her, you’re upholding a “sexist double standard.”

That’s what Catherine Rampbell, opinion writer for the Washington Post claims. Seriously, her headline reads “The sexist double standard behind why millennials love Bernie Sanders.” When Rampbell really gets into it, she suggests that the first of two reasons is that to millennials, “Sanders’s socialism is a feature, not a bug.”

Another fair point is that Sanders is “authentic” in his appearance and cavalier attitude. “These qualities are what make him seem “authentic,” “sincere” even — especially when contrasted with Clinton’s hyper-scriptedness. Sanders, unlike Clinton, “doesn’t give a damn if he’s camera-ready,” writes Rampbell.

And that’s the lead in, seriously. The bulk of Rampbell’s sexist argument is all here:

Female politicians — at least if they want to be taken seriously on a national stage — cannot be unkempt and unfiltered, hair mussed and voice raised. They have to be carefully coifed and scripted at all times, because they have to hew as closely as possible to the bounds of propriety available to both their sex and their occupation. They can’t be too quiet or too loud, too emotional or too cold, too meek or too aggressive, and so on.

Couldn’t the same be said about nearly every profession? And why isn’t Rampbell also writing about Carly Fiorina too then, another woman currently running for president?

Regardless, Rampbell is not the only one to make such an argument. Her reading is actually preferable to that of Amanda Marcotte’s on this (or any) subject.

At least Rampbell isn’t like Isabel Evans with her personal plea, which comes off as an accusation and attack. The Huffington Post published her piece, “Millennial Women: You’re Failing Hillary.”

Evans starts her piece with an emotional appeal, but one that doesn’t mess around, in how the Hillary campaign has been playing Rachel Patten’s hit of Fight Song. And, what do you know, Patten’s other hit is called Stand By You. Evans notes that it “ironically embodies all the way young women are failing Hillary across the U.S.” Don’t you just love Rachel Patten even more now, ladies?

But, that’s actually sweet coming from Evans. The rest of her piece is quite nasty:

Hillary is playing her fight song, standing up and charging forward even though she’s been knocked down so many times it’s amazing she’s not been forced to take subterranean shelter. And in response, are the young women of America standing by her? Are we, as Platten sings, ready to “walk through hell” with Hillary? No, we are fucking failing and letting her down. AGAIN.

She also writes that “Bernie is indeed an excellent, respectable candidate and Hillary is one hundo p flawed.” If you don’t know what the latter half of that sentence means, no, it’s not just you. And point being is that regardless, us young ladies can’t be letting Hillary down.

Since it’s not even worth more than a mention that the piece closes with a cringeworthy sharing of Stand By You lyrics, this is how the piece ends:

But guess what? Hillary is out there tramping around some of the most suck parts of the United States working her ass off. She is subjected to a verbal ransacking every day. If Hillary wanted, she could be sitting on a desert island with Bill drinking piña coladas and lol-ing over this race. Instead, she continues to fight. The very least we can do is fight with her, speak up for her, and VOTE for her.

This betrayal of Hillary is sickening and the stakes could not be higher. On the one hand, we have a future female progressive president. On the other, we have male republican candidates who are so hateful it’s like they’ve dropped on this earth from some post-apocalyptic wasteland hell.

This piece has all the qualities of an angry post on a personal blog. But it’s published by the Huffington Post, one of the most known media outlets. And surely this piece is quite a work of fine journalism which represents that, and will make young women feel more encouraged to go vote for Hillary now?

In all seriousness, it’s not millennial women, or anyone’s, job to make sure Hillary doesn’t fail. It’s up to that candidate herself, or himself, to appeal to voters of any and all demographics, and let them make an informed choice of whether or not they think that candidate is fit for the job.

But hey, at least none of these pieces are as bad as the diarrhea of the mouth Pajiba actually saw fit to published. When Courtney Enlow shares in her headline that it’s “An All-Caps Explosion of Feelings Regarding the Liberal Backlash Against Hillary Clinton,” at least we can say she warned us.

If only every publication saw it fit to publish Jamie Peck’s piece on how “Not everyone who criticizes Hillary Clinton is a sexist.”  Kudos to deathandtaxes though for doing so.

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