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Pro-Life: Millennials are the ‘Ultrasound Generation’

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Friday, January 22, 2016 marks 43 years since the well-known U.S. Supreme Court cases of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton were decided — legalizing abortion on demand in all 50 states and throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

Those in support of abortion may commemorate and treat the date as an anniversary of what they believe is about women’s rights. However, it’s impossible to forget that since those decisions, over 58 million unborn lives have been lost from legal abortion. And, each year hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers, regardless of the winter weather, congregate in Washington D.C. for the annual March for Life to remember those unborn lives lost, and to raise awareness.

While that may create a pessimistic outlook for some, pro-lifers are also finding finding hope and progress in their movement. This is, in large part, because the millennial generation is a pro-life generation.

Red Alert Politics spoke with Ashley McGuire, who is a senior fellow at the Catholic Association. She mentioned how millennials are the “ultrasound generation,” which is also the title of her column published last year in USA Today, coinciding with the March for Life.

In that piece, as well as in this year’s interview, McGuire referenced the polls which show millennials support the pro-life cause, including the just released one from the Knights of Columbus/Marist. Polls have also shown that pro-lifer voters are more likely to care about the issue than pro-choice voters.

McGuire’s insight provided what the poll trends have shown for years now, that more Americans are less likely to believe abortion should be legal in all circumstances, and that includes millennials.

She also referenced “the intensity gap,” a phrase coined before the 2014 mid-term elections by Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List. McGuire said she thinks “this is so true.” While she acknowledges that there are still many pro-choicers, pro-life millennials have a certain intensity that the other side does not. As she added, “you wouldn’t know it from how the mainstream media reports on the issue, but you see it.”

McGuire has a point about the mainstream media, as the March for Life, despite its turnout, has year after year failed to get the appropriate coverage from major networks.

One of the reasons why McGuire believes millennials are pro-life is because they are the “ultrasound generation.” Science and advances in medical technology not only back up the pro-life cause, but they also mean that we are now able to see ultrasound images of unborn children. For millennials also having children of their own, McGuire referenced 4D ultrasound images, and said you wouldn’t even know such babies were still in the womb.

McGuire also said it is a “beautiful irony” in that the pro-life movement is often called the “anti-science movement,” and that the “other side has tried to deny scientific realities.”

Additionally, McGuire had some advice for millennials on how to get involved. This includes familiarizing yourself on social media, as “social media is a great equalizer,” especially when it comes to the mainstream media. McGuire did acknowledge how the nature of media has changed, with sites, such as Red Alert Politics, changing how information is disseminated.

There was some touching and human advice as well. “Befriend people who don’t agree with you,” McGuire said. She described how for a young woman facing in an unplanned pregnancy, one friend can make all the difference in the world for her. You “never know when you’re going to be potentially in a life-saving position,” she added.

McGuire also had some advice for young women on college campuses, particularly those who write for student newspapers. She said that they should “try to frame their messaging in a positive and compassionate pro-woman way” because “we are the ones who want to help women; we want to protect women from a violent act.” So “think creatively about messaging.”

McGuire says she will be attending the March for Life schedule for Friday. She has been going for the past several years. The March for Life is scheduled to begin at 1:00pm, with a rally starting around noon.

It will be held regardless of the weather — as the area is predicted to get 2 feet of snow.


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