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Kimmel: Trump’s Freedom Kids sing for Jeb Bush [VIDEO]

Image via screenshot.

Image via screenshot.

Jimmy Kimmel really feels bad for Jeb! Last week he had DJ Khaled send the presidential candidate some advice, and this week he’s trying to get up on par with Donald Trump.

Last Wednesday, Trump had the USA Freedom Kids perform at the start of his rally. As Kimmel aptly described it, it was a “spectacle.” But, Kimmel also believed Trump can get media attention as it is, and so perhaps it’s time to give it to someone who isn’t so lucky.

Being unable to book the USA Freedom Kids, Jimmy Kimmel Live! featured Number One America Liberty Children, who did their own song for Jeb. The lyrics were quite close to home, pointing out that Jeb was “like a librarian,” and reminding us all, once again, that it’s been quite “a huge embarrassment,” since both his father and brother were president.

While Kimmel may not have been able to get the USA Freedom Kids, Vanessa Hudgens did make an appearance to the crowd’s delight.

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