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Hipsters selling Bernie Sanders punk rock t-shirts

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Hipsters love Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). He’s the voice of their anti-establishment, overly sensitive, politically correct, and economically illiterate subculture. So, it only seems fitting that hipsters are merging Sanders’ image on famous punk rock bands’ logos.

The “Bern the White House” shirts are the product of artists Mark Mendez and Rob Campbell who fused the Vermont senator’s image with the punk rock bands including the Ramones, Misfits, and Descendents.

Ironically, Johnny Ramone was a Republicans and Glenn Danzing of the Misfits was said the Obama administration was a “real horror” and called Democrats “fascists.”

In an interview with Visual News, the artists said that they got the name “Bern the White House” because it represented burning down the status quo of “corporate greed and political corruption.”

They said that Sanders is the most punk rock candidate who ever ran for the White House, with his issues of economic inequality, civil rights, and antiestablishment politics.

Mendez and Campbell must have never heard of anti-socialist punk rockers like Billy Zoom of the band X, Bobby Steele from The Undead, and Joe Young from Antiseen. They would align themselves more with an anti-establishment figure who rejected war and corporatism, but also big government like Ron Paul.

The profits from the Sanders’ inspired shirts will go partly to his campaign and the rest will go to Bernie-friendly grassroots charities.


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