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Upset Prediction: Rand Paul’s millennial strategy could actually work

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Red Alert Politics Editor Ron Meyer joined Fox and Friends First this morning to discuss who will win Iowa and New Hampshire. While Meyer still gave the edge to Cruz and Trump, he said there could be an upset brewing.

“The one thing to watch in Iowa, though, is Rand Paul. He says he has 10,000 students signed up to go to the caucuses. Even if only a half or quarter of that number is true, he’ll get third or fourth — which will really shock some people,” Meyer said.

“If he does that, he could still be in this race.”

Will Rand Paul’s student-centered strategy work? It could.

For the first time in years, Iowa students will actually be on campus during the caucuses — instead of at home or on break. This hypothetically could free up thousands of students, and Paul’s Students for Rand operation claim they have the infrastructure to turn them out.

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Earlier this month, we reported:

For comparison’s sake, a record 30,000 young voters (under 30) turned out to support Obama in the 2008 Iowa caucuses, according to data from the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement. In 2012, Ron Paul had the largest youth turnout in Iowa with approximately 8,800 young voters caucusing for him.

Despite Rand’s poor standing so far in the national polls, the senator has arguably made the biggest effort to recruit support from college students, establishing 400 Students for Rand chapters on campuses across the United States.

400 chapters is pretty substantial. If Rand gets thousands of young voters to show up to (boring) caucuses, it will send a message to the Party about his ability to win young voters — a demographic Republicans desperately need.

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