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Christie uses Adele song to attack Rubio [VIDEO]

Image via Screenshot

Image via Screenshot

Marco Rubio and Chris Christie are waging a war of words in the New Hampshire primary. The two were very close, but the New Jersey governor used an Adele song to show how Rubio used to praise him — and now, they have grown apart.

The fight heated up on Thursday when Christie said Rubio is inexperienced and could not effectively campaign against Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

“She’ll pat him on the head and then cut his heart out,” Christie said to radio host Laura Ingraham about how a Rubio nomination would be disastrous.

Florida’s junior senator responded by saying that Christie’s record was very similar to President Obama on Common Core, Obamacare, and gun rights.

The Christie campaign responded brilliantly by using Adele’s hit breakup song Hello” in a campaign ad — featuring past praise Rubio offered the New Jersey governor.

Watch the hilarious ad below: