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GMU Student: Obama’s gun town hall excludes students, opposition voices

(Carolyn Kaster/AP)

(Carolyn Kaster/AP)

If you’re an American politician, there’s a good chance you’ve held a few dozen town hall events.  It’s a great way to be open and transparent with the public, allowing them to ask questions and offer opinions.

President Obama is holding a town hall event this Thursday at George Mason University on guns in America, but there’s a catch: the public isn’t invited.

In fact, students at the school (I am one of them) were told very clearly via email that it was an invitation-only event and that no tickets were available.  There’s a reason our President chooses executive decree to implement his policies just like there’s a reason the public is blocked from attending his “town hall” events.

via John Hill

via John Hill

Anti-gun rhetoric doesn’t stand strong when debated or questioned because that’s when facts and logic reign over emotion. If he won’t let the public attend this charade, I challenge President Obama to let just one person who holds a different opinion than him step foot in that room and allow them to ask one question.

Unfortunately, the President doesn’t want to answer questions like, “can you please explain specifically how your executive orders would have stopped any of the recent mass shootings?” Or,  “with all of these shootings in gun free zones, wouldn’t it help to have law abiding citizens with guns?”

And, he definitely doesn’t want to be presented with facts about how gun violence has actually been declining or stories about how guns save lives.  We live in President Obama’s country. No need for congress because they might disagree, and no need for the public at a “town hall” because they might disagree.

Tune in to CNN Thursday night to see if anyone forgets their rehearsed line.


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