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16 states have more people in prison than college housing

Image via Metric Maps/ Twitter

Image via Metric Maps/ Twitter

There’s a large divide geographically, politically, and racially over states that prioritize college housing over prison and jails.

MetricMaps reported states – colored in blue – that have more people in college housing and – red states – have more people in correctional facilities.

Image via MetricMaps/Twitter

Image via MetricMaps/Twitter

There are 34 Northeast/Mid-Atlantic/Midwest/Pacific Northwest states have more in college housing while 16 Southern/Southwest/and West Coast states have more people in correction facilities than university housing.

While some liberals have tried to insinuate that this is a Republican/Democrat issue with 11 of the states with the largest imprisonment population having voted for the GOP in 2012, a more inconvenient racial component could be a more telling correlation.

Several states with a heavy population in prisons over college housing have a large black population either as a percentage — i.e. Mississippi, Louisiana, and Georgia have the highest percentage of African Americans as part of the population — or have an overall large black population, even if it doesn’t make up a large overall percentage — i.e. California is the state with the 5th largest population of blacks, 2.3 million.

The same is true for states with large Hispanic populations, the largest being California, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico all have more people in prison over college housing.

MetricMaps does not show however that vastly more people nationwide are enrolled in college over being incarcerated, on parole, or probation, 19.5 million vs. 6.9 million respectively.

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