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Single-payer healthcare proposition will be on ballot in Colorado

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While everyone has their eyes on the presidential election for 2016, one state proposal could make huge news.

As Healthcare Dive recently reported, Colorado will vote on single-payer healthcare in the upcoming election. The group behind the initiative, ColoradoCareYES has collected 10,000 signatures for it to appear on the ballot.

The group’s website advertises the initiative as being cost-saving, higher quality, and universal healthcare. While Healthcare Dive notes that “key stakeholders have yet to state a position on the measure, including state health insurers, the state’s hospital association and Gov. John Hickenlooper (D),” Democratic State Senator Irene Aguilar is listed as a media contact for the initiative.

The articles from the “In the News” section may also provide some hints as to who supports the initiative. Both Healthcare Dive and ColoradoCareYES point to a Letter to the Editor appearing in the Wall Street Journal, “ColoradoCare Is Better Than the Alternatives.”

Public News Service points to the initiative’s ally in Barb Mattison, the president of the League of Women Voters of Colorado. The outlet describes the group as “one of the state’s leading non-partisan voices.”

Dave Perry, writing for the Aurora Sentinel, a liberal and former proponent of ObamaCare, writes “that Obamacare is now and will continue to be a dismal failure.” In his mind, the Colorado initiative may be the only way to fix healthcare.

While the group claims the initiative would bring about savings, Healthcare Dive warns that “the vote may primarily come down to the issue of the massive tax hike a single-payer system would necessitate.” And, such a system could scare away young people and businesses from the state.


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