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RAP Editor: If Romney and Walker do not endorse, Trump or Cruz will be nominee

via Screenshot

via Screenshot

Red Alert Politics Editor Ron Meyer appeared on Fox and Friends First to analyze last night’s debate.

Meyer said that if Republican leaders don’t endorse in the race, Trump or Cruz will likely be the nominee — especially after their strong performances in last night’s debate.

I have a lot of respect for Gov. Walker and for Mitt Romney saying we need people to drop out of the race. You know, they need to endorse people in this race. They actually need to pick a side. If they endorse somebody like Marco Rubio early on — whether it after South Carolina or Super Tuesday — then, someone besides Trump or Cruz can win.

If not, we’re either looking at a brokered convention, or Cruz or Trump are going to be our nominee.

If Party leaders think that either or these men would lose or hurt GOP chances in other races in 2016, the time to act is now.

Among younger voters, Rubio outperforms Cruz and Trump significantly against Hillary Clinton. Republicans need to improve their margins to beat Hillary, and Republicans are running out of time to unite around a candidate who appeals to the next generation.

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