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MSNBC host implies Star Wars is racist: Darth Vader is ‘totally a black guy’

Image via Screenshot

Image via Screenshot

For Social Justice Warriors (SJW) everything breaks down to race and gender — even characters from a galaxy far far away.

On MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Sunday, the host went on a tirade how she is annoyed about the racism in the Star Wars movies surrounding the character of Darth Vader.

“Yeah, like, the part where (Darth Vader) was totally a black guy whose name basically was James Earl Jones, who, and we were all, but while he was black, he was terrible and bad and awful and used to cut off white men’s hands, and didn’t, you know, actually claim his son,” Perry said. “But as soon as he claims his son and goes over to the good, he takes off his mask and he is white. Yes, I have many, many feelings about that, but I will try to put them over here.”

Jones voiced over the masked Darth Vader character, but was never seen on camera playing the bad guy. In the prequels Anakin Skywalker was always white as he were both of his children, so the only one confused was Perry.

In Lion King, Jones voiced over the self-sacrificing father character of Mufasa — so is that less racist even though his son Simba is voiced over by two white actors? So, maybe it’s more racist? Maybe SJW can just burn any movies that are too racist for viewing.

See the whole clip below:

[h/t Breitbart]

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