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Vince Vaughn backs Rand Paul

(AP Photo/Scott Morgan)

(AP Photo/Scott Morgan)

Ron Paul has engendered celebrity loyalty through his family.

Actor Vince Vaughn thinks Ron Paul is “the most consistent,” but Rand Paul is the candidate that “I am most sort of aligned with,” Vaughn said at a Young Americans for Liberty conference, according to Reason.

Vaughn was the keynote speaker for the YAL California State Conference. During his speech, he said of Rand that he “liked him very much.”

He has called himself a Ron Paul conservative, and endorsed Rand’s father when he ran for president in 2012.

While Rand has struggled to keep libertarian support and hovers around 2.2 percent in the polls, Vaughn wasn’t pessimistic about libertarianism in the current political climate.

“I feel very encouraged,” he said, according to The Federalist.

Vaughn hasn’t been as outspoken as other celebrities have about their political views, and he said he doesn’t intend to “push his beliefs through projects.” But he has been a longt-time supporter of the Paul family. Whether that can boost Paul’s campaign remains to be seen, but a familiar face might spark some interest.

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