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U-Delaware funds gun ammo for student group

(Cory Doctorow/Flickr)

(Cory Doctorow/Flickr)

The University of Delaware distributes funds to registered campus groups, but a recent round of funding stirred some controversy.

Students for the Second Amendment at Delaware received university funding to purchase bullets for a group shooting event, according to WDEL.

Initially, the university declined their request, but relented and approved $500 for the group.

Some students opposed the funding and declared that the university shouldn’t fund the group.

The University of Delaware is a gun-free zone, and the university said the group “followed the proper procedure” and “met the necessary criteria for funding” in a written statement. Given they followed procedure, the university didn’t have any grounds to deny the funding request.

President Tyler Yzaguirre noted that the ammo was stored off-campus, though he didn’t think the university policy prohibiting ammo on campus should be kept.

Students for the Second Amendment aims to “inform, educate, and aid UD students” about “responsible firearm ownership, campus safety, general firearm knowledge, and the United States Constitution,” according to its university profile.

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