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Millennials say American Dream is Dead? They killed it

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press)

A Harvard poll this week showed that 48 percent of millennials (ages 18-to-29) think “the American Dream” is dead.

They are right. The American Dream is dying — and millennials poisoned it.

The last eight years have been worse economically for young people than any eight years since the Great Depression. And, one could argue it’s worse in some ways because at least there was no student loan debt during the depression.

Under President Obama, underemployment, median income, personal debt, home ownership, and dozens of other metrics have hit historically awful levels for young Americans.

Yet, millennials voted for the President by more than 60 percent in both elections — and instead of protesting for economic reform, most millennial activists are demanding more political correctness and “free” stuff.

Their chant should be: “Free Stuff, not Free Speech!”

Their support in the poll for Sen. Bernie Sanders shows they haven’t learned their lesson, either. Most polls show Sanders winning the youth vote overwhelmingly in the general election match-ups.

They support socialism over the American system — a system which has done more to end poverty worldwide than any force in human history. When government drives up the costs of education and healthcare, they demand it be “free,” instead of demanding government stop causing these price hikes. They like Uber, yet vote for politicians who support the taxi unions trying to put Uber out of business.

The only glimmer of hope is that they don’t like Hillary Clinton, and they seem open to some GOP candidates.

And frankly, millennials’ politics aren’t all their fault. The GOP hasn’t offered them a compelling alternative or tried to educate them on the issues. Parents of millennials have largely given up trying to teach them American free market values.

Democrats and higher education have worked consistently to persuade the next generation, while conservatives have sat on the sidelines on campuses.

Millennials are killing the American Dream, but it may not be dead. If Republicans and conservatives can elect leaders to educate and inspire these young voters, there may be some hope.

It’s going to take a lot of work, and currently, it looks like Republican presidential candidates may not be up to the task. Millennials, unfortunately, will likely continue their self-defeating voting patterns in 2016.

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