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3 memes: Today’s liberal protestors VS. History’s freedom fighters

(AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

(AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)’

Social Justice Warriors on college campuses have made themselves one of the biggest stories of the fall. Across the country millennials have taken to college campuses to protest ‘the system.’

But are all their arguments actually valid? Aren’t they better off than most people in the generations before them?

They use their expensive cell phones to post on social media, when previous generations struggled to afford a landline.

Here are three memes that put the modern day social justice warrior’s arguments about white privilege, feminism, and free speech into perspective.

Free speech: Where have the good liberal students have gone since the 1965 protests at UC-Berkeley?

White privilege: asking white people to check their privilege is something that has been repeated by liberals and progressives across the country, despite the fact that many minorities are a lot better off today than some white people were decades ago.

white privilege meme1

The patriarchy: Feminists across the country believe that their are fighting this war against the systematic oppression of the patriarchy by taking part in “slut walks” and feminists rallies. Generations ago Americans knew what it was like to fight real wars, even though they didn’t have the right to vote for the leaders that sent them there.

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