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Dept. of Energy wants you to dress in ‘green’ costumes for Halloween

Image via screenshot.

Image via screenshot.

How badly does the Obama administration want you to be green? Well, the Department of Energy posted “5 Energy Halloween Costumes You Can Make at Home.” As the Washington Examiner sees it, the “Gov’t haunts Halloween.”

As the Department of Energy writes:

Here at, we take Halloween seriously — very seriously. Maybe it has something to do with all the flickering lights (should’ve used LEDs), drafty haunted houses (terrible insulation) and broom-riding witches (very sustainable!).

Whatever the reason, we thought we’d share the spirit of Energyween — or is it Halloweenergy? — with these five easy-to-make, energy-themed costumes. Combine them with one of our energy jack-o-lantern designs for a festive finale to National Energy Action Month!

The costumes aren’t as scary as the department’s suggestion. Only one of the costumes goes with the traditional Halloween theme. The description for the “Energy Vampire,” still contains a tip about going green, as do all the costumes:

You are a creature of the night. You lurk in the shadows, draining the power of the unwary. No energy bill is safe! Far scarier than the stuff of Dracula or Twilight, energy vampires are home appliances and electronic devices that suck electricity even when they aren’t in use. This Halloween, unplug all the unused phone chargers in your house and attach them to yourself for a costume that will fill your friends with terror while saving you money.

Other costumes include:

  • A solar panel
  • Ernest Moniz
  • Particle Accelerator
  • Wind Turbine

Moniz is the current “nuclear physics-loving, Iran-deal explaining, classically coiffed Secretary of Energy.” Good luck getting people to figure out that one though. The Wind Turbine also has the potential to look like something else.

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