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Free college–for inmates?

Image via Screenshot

Image via Screenshot

Thousands of working families in Connecticut struggle to put their kids through kids school, but if the state university system has it’s way, prisoners will be getting a free ride.

WWLP reported that Connecticut State Colleges and Universities President Mark Ojakian has asked the federal government to pay for a program to allow Connecticut inmates to enroll in job training and coursework for a degree.

The State Department of Corrections has endorsed this idea to allow inmates to become community college students for free.

Community college students interviewed by WWLP were divided on the issue, while some said they felt compassion for the men and women in prison, others said it was unfair that they have to work full-time jobs in order to pay for tuition while a criminal gets it for free.

“Everybody makes mistakes you know and, like I said, education is for everybody. Everybody should have a fair… everybody should just be able to have an education,” said Angela Zorilla, a Community College student.

“They have a problem funding people who want to go to college who have hard means and yet we’re going to fund people who got themselves in their own jams,” said another community college student Krystal Climan.

The proposed plan extends the funding to prisoners for coursework. They already received federal funds in the past through a pilot program.

This would expand the current program to Pell Grants that will not need to be repaired.

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