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Illegal immigrant commits ID theft, sentenced to 1 day in jail and not deported

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President Obama campaigned on the idea that there was not two Americas, but apparently there are–one for law abiding American citizens and another for illegal immigrants.

The Associated Press reported that Ramon Perez-Riveria, an 82-year old illegal immigrant, who has been in the U.S. for decades, was spared from a federal prison sentence on Wednesday despite the severity of his crime.

Riveria stole the identity of an America citizen, but he didn’t stop there. He legally changed the name of his victim to his own name.

The illegal immigrant pleaded guilty back in August for unlawfully obtained documents, illegal re-entry, and unlawful disclosure of a Social Security number. Additionally he used the stolen documents to obtain food stamps, Medicaid, a drivers license, and a U.S. passport.

Don’t worry though–Jeb! still thinks it’s an act of love.

U.S. District Judge Eric Melgren sentenced Riveria to time served: a grand total of one day.

Riveria’s lawyer, David Freund, made a plea deal that the illegal immigrant wouldn’t be sentenced to federal prison because of his advanced age and because he was only taking the advice of a California notary.

That notary had a history of preying upon uneducated illegal immigrants, like Riveria.

If only Jeb! Bush became president, we could give amnesty to illegals like Riveria and support them legally for their entire life–that’s apparently the conservative alternative.

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