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College town keeps a ban on topless women

Associated Press

Associated Press

In the film Footloose, young people demanded that the city change its local laws and let people dance, but in Fort Collins, Colo. feminists are demanding that city officials let them show their breasts in public.

ABC reported the college town’s city council voted Tuesday to uphold the ban and maintain Fort Collin’s indecency laws against women showing their bare breasts in public.

The law strictly prohibits just women from exposing themselves–causing feminists to claim there is a strict gender bias.

All they want is the right to keep and bare breasts.

Fort Collin, home to Colorado State University, did amend one part of their indecency laws to allow for public breastfeeding. Other than that though, going nude from “below the top of the nipple” will cost a $250 for females over the age of 10.

Most other large cities, including New York and Denver, have abandoned gender specific indecency laws. Chicago is facing a lawsuit from one woman who received a $150 fine participating in a $150 “Go Topless Day” protest.

Despite the fact that a woman hasn’t received the $250 fine in recent memory doesn’t stop many feminists from arguing that it’s separate but equal laws are not equal.


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