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Are Millennials progressive ‘anti-capitalists’ or just misrepresented?

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There has been a lot written about Millennials, those illusive 20-somethings that can’t make eye contact or speak on the phone but will share everything on their social media accounts.

Accused of delaying major life events and eschewing the “American dreams” of generations prior to them, like owning a home, getting a job and owning a car, Millennials seem like the poster-children for everything anti-establishment and anti-tradition.

Is it possible that Millennials are really that anti-tradition and wildly progressive, or are they just misunderstood?

Contrary to their Saturday Night Live portrayal, they’re actually buying homes in droves, and dismissing credit cards for the more responsible debit.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh weighed in on his show about these inconsistencies among all the talk of Millennials, saying that Millennials are “no different than any other generations,” they do want to own things, the problem is they just can’t afford them.

“Everything’s out of their reach in terms of ownership. They can’t get approved for loans. They’ve all got such student loan debt, or many of them, that owning anything is out of the question” Limbaugh said on his show, saying that they couldn’t be home or car owners “because of the Obama economy.”

But the image of the entitled Millennial who just wants to live out of Air Bnb’s and take Uber’s forever and not put in 40 hours of work a week? Limbaugh calls it “B.S.”

It was just the fact they couldn’t afford it, they didn’t have the money for it, they didn’t have the jobs, there wasn’t any job prospects. Look at housing prices where most of the country is just out of reach, even starter homes out of reach. So a lie was concocted. Well, they don’t care anyway. They want to rent, sharing economy. These are much more communal people.

These “communal people” are actually less liberal than they are portrayed to be, with polls showing younger Millennials as being much less liberal than older Millennials.

Despite these contradictions, Millennials just keep on keeping on, ignoring the memes and continuing to “follow their dreams. “

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