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Poll: Majority of millennials support Obamacare

(Will O'Neill/Flickr)

(Will O’Neill/Flickr)

Support for Obamacare remains strongest among millennials, a recent poll found.

In a Princeton Survey Research Associates International poll, 54 percent of participants aged 18-29 want to keep the Affordable Care Act in place, and 61 percent were not worried about affording health insurance in the future.

The survey, done on behalf of InsuranceQuotes, found a small positive change in feelings toward the ACA. In September 2015, 45 percent of participants wanted to keep the law in place to 44 percent who want to repeal it. In August 2014, those numbers were flipped.

The Palm Beach Post suspects the popularity comes from the provision that allows young people to remain on their parents’ health plans until they turn 26. Obamacare remains a partisan issue; about three quarters of Democrats want to keep it, and three quarters of Republicans want to get rid of it.

As millennials age, their opinions might change. Most young people don’t have much interactions with health insurance companies and hospitals. As many people don’t understand how health insurance works, personal experience might have little correlation to the effects of the new law.

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