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Feminist believes finding water on Mars is sexist

Associated Press/NASA

Associated Press/NASA

Some people can find racism, sexism, classism, genderism, or whatever -ism in anything–including finding water on Mars.

A Buzzfeed contributor with the pseudonym Cynthia Whitehead, wrote a blog post on Tuesday about “why scientists finding water on Mars is blatant misogyny.”

Yes, because Mars is a male planet.

“The MALE planet (women are from Venus) should be disgusting enough. Why not Venus, huh, why didn’t these misogynist assholes go look for water on Venus?” Whitehead wrote.

Whitehead is a “proud third wave feminist who is outraged by the recent discovery of water on mars.”

The feminist complained that the field of science, as she puts it is, “a tool of white-cis, capitalist patriarchy.”

Her grievance is that the STEM field is dominated by white men, despite the attempts to get “sisters of color in there for DECADES.” She feels science only researches “men problems,” and  that all the men in the field of science fail to acknowledge their privilege.

She goes on to say that scientists who do such trivial things–like, say, finding a possibility for life on another planet and researching cures for diseases–don’t deserve their income. Whitehead demands that their incomes should be taxes up to 80 percent and that money should go to feminist charities like the alternative prom.

Whitehead concludes that the day scientists found water on Mars was a “tragic day for women worldwide.”

“As we all know there’s water on Venus, but Venal-water denialism has reached an all time high which culminated in the ‘discovery’ of water on the male planet, once again placing all the blame of the world on women and femininity as a whole,” she continued. “I hope one day STEM stops oppressing women and we are allowed to rise up. What a tragic day for women worldwide.”

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