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Dr. Phil diagnoses Donald Trump on Jimmy Kimmel

Image via Sceenshot

Image via Sceenshot

Dr. Phil McGraw was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday where he was asked to use his expertise in clinical psychology to diagnose Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

“I wonder sometimes just exactly how diplomacy would play out with him. Let’s say we were in a real tight, tense situation with another world power and he decided to make shit up,” McGraw said. “If he decided to claim that we had 4,000 submarines in their harbor and we didn’t have any or something. I just wonder if he might lack in diplomacy.”

Kimmel asked if Trump was a narcissist; McGraw just laughed.

The host also asked if he didn’t get enough positive feedback from his parents and that’s the reason he always needs to talk about himself.

“Why do you think he’s wearing that (‘Make American Great Again’) hat?” Phil asked. “Because he’s got a dead cat on his head.”

McGraw admitted to knowing Trump personally and said he is a very smart and likable guy when you meet him one-on-one.

“But I think too much time in the spotlight fades the suit and I think it’s a long time from here to the election,” McGraw said.

“I like Donald Trump, I think he gets a bad rap on some stuff and he scares the bejeebers out of me on other stuff,” he continued. “but at some point he’s going to have to replace some his adjectives with verbs and we’ll see what that amounts to.”

Watch the full clip below: