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Government cracks down on unapproved community libraries

(Rick Obst/Flickr)

(Rick Obst/Flickr)

Cities across the United States have started to address a threat to local communities: Little Free Libraries.

Running afoul of zoning regulations and personal tastes, the small, birdhouse-like structures with books free to take are threatened by local politicians and curmudgeonly neighbors, The Atlantic reports.

City code violations have been used to threaten fines if the libraries were not removed.

The use of broad, vague laws and statutes to limit the activity of neighbors or those in a city isn’t new. It’s the backbone of NIMBYism and, at this point, an American tradition.

The tendency is most ridiculous on trivial matters like attacking free libraries, but it’s also a dangerous force that can fight economic growth or free expression.

Thankfully, in this instance, it’s recognized as ridiculous, and can be opposed successfully.


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