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Kathleen Willey: Hillary Clinton ‘is the War on Women’



It’s not just the pro-life movement outraged by Hillary Clinton’s comments comparing pro-life Republicans to terrorists. Women who have alleged Bill Clinton harassed them are also taking issue.

Kathleen Willey joined Aaron Klein Investigative Radio to share just how ironic Hillary’s statement was. After all, she “wrote the book on terrorizing women.”

Kathleen Willey and her husband Ed founded Virginians for Clinton to help get Bill elected in 1992. But after asking Bill for a paid position, she claims she was subject to sexual harassment, WND reported.

In light of her experiences, Willey wrote a book in 2007 and just recently founded the website, A Scandal A Day. The website is for other women who allege being victimized by the Clintons who wish to remain anonymous.

On air, Willey compared her experiences with the Clintons, and the experiences of other women, to those victimized by ISIS.

“The one difference between me and the poor women who are the victims of ISIS and all the other terrorist groups is that our heads are still attached. That’s the difference,” she added.

Hillary’s “tactics and the things she sent into motion” against Willey and other women alleging sexual assault from Bill were “terrorist tactics like I’ve never seen before,” Willey said.

It’s Hillary who “is the War on Women,” she continued.

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