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Tennessee school district updates total flag ban after controversy

Image via FOX13

Image via FOX13

A Tennessee school district has reconsidered its total ban on flags after a news report about the ban, which included American flags, stirred up national controversy over the weekend.

FOX13 originally reported that the Dickson County School District told students that due to the controversy surrounding the Confederate flag, all flags and banners would be banned from school property.

“It’s not an unpatriotic act by any means because we have a number of ways in which students do learn how to be patriotic and express American pride,” a school official told FOX13.

But some students were angry about the decision. The news station spoke with several angry students.

“I just think that’s a right…it’s freedom of expression and I don’t think you should be able to take that away from us,” one student told FOX13.

On Sunday night, school district official emailed the news station to say that now they are not banning all flags at school, they are only banning flags from flying on the back of pick-up trucks on school property.

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