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White House launches ‘Letters to President Obama’ Tumblr

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Between tee times and starring in internet videos, President Barack Obama supposedly finds time each day to read at least ten letters from “folks across the country,” and the White House is making sure everyone knows about it.

The White House launched a Tumblr Thursday titled, “Letters to President Obama,” to publicly display some of these letters.

The first letter published on the site is from no random citizen, but from an Ohio woman who, in fact, seems like the poster child for the Tumblr site, according to Huffington Post.

In 2009, Natoma Canfield wrote the president regaling her difficulty in affording health insurance.  Canfield, a cancer survivor, encouraged the President to “stay focused” in his efforts for universal health coverage.

Fast forward to 2015, Canfield’s original 2009 letter is not only the first story on the Tumblr account, but framed outside the Oval Office. Canfield even wrote a follow-up letter for the Tumblr about the president’s attention to her case and her road to health.

Though in the letter, she says she believes it was “all of the excitement” that helped keep her alive.  There is no mention of some miraculously timed intervention by her health insurance post-Obamacare passage.

Despite the obvious PR angle, at least there is one politician who is willing to show us what’s in his inbox.

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