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Bernie Sanders isn’t happy that people are comparing his campaign to Trump’s

Headlines across the country have been declaring that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, despite being on opposite sides of the political spectrum, are actually the same candidate.

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Image via The Daily Beast


Sanders has not taken kindly to being compared to the GOP frontrunner and spent his weekend in Iowa distancing himself.

When Sanders took the stage in Des Moines, he hit the billionaire for his State Fair party trick — helicopter rides.

Sanders said he “left the helicopter at home.”

“It’s in the garage,” Sanders joked. “Forgot to bring it.”

He continued in this vein on Sunday in an interview with NBC News host Chuck Todd, playing up his small donations and lack of ability to self-fund.

“I’m not a billionaire. My family doesn’t have a whole lot of money,” Sanders said. “We are raising our campaign contributions from 350,000 people, who are contributing, Chuck, on average $31.20 apiece.”

“I think,” he continued, “that’s a little bit different approach than Donald Trump’s.”

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