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Vince Vaughn: ‘I support people having a gun in public full stop’

Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Blurring lines between his identity as an actor and a politician, Vince Vaughn recently revealed his controversial views on gun rights and Edward Snowden to the world.

He made waves in a new interview with the British GQ, boldly stating his support for gun rights and for guns in schools, and even declaring, “Edward Snowden is a hero.”

On guns:

“I support people having a gun in public full stop, not just in your home. We don’t have the right to bear arms because of burglars; we have the right to bear arms to resist the supreme power of a corrupt and abusive government. It’s not about duck hunting; it’s about the ability of the individual. It’s the same reason we have freedom of speech. It’s well known that the greatest defence against an intruder is the sound of a gun hammer being pulled back. All these gun shootings that have gone down in America since 1950, only one or maybe two have happened in non-gun-free zones. Take mass shootings. They’ve only happened in places that don’t allow guns. These people are sick in the head and are going to kill innocent people. They are looking to slaughter defenceless human beings. They do not want confrontation. In all of our schools it is illegal to have guns on campus, so again and again these guys go and shoot up these f—ing schools because they know there are no guns there. They are monsters killing six-year-olds.”

The Wedding Crashers star even said that he believes guns should be allowed in schools.

“You think the politicians that run my country and your country don’t have guns in the schools their kids go to?” he told the British GQ. “They do.”

Vaughn also spoke positively of Snowden’s release of government information.

“I like what Snowden did. My idea of treason is that you sell secrets to the enemy. He gave information to the American people,” he told GQ.

This echoed other recent comments by actor, as reported by the College Fix.

“It wasn’t like he was selling it to make money from someone who had bad intentions for the nation. It was a wake-up call to all of us to find out just kind of how far they were going. I think he is a hero,” Vaughn said back in April.

“I think he is a very brave person who is very principled who took it upon himself to let the American people know. The fact that the government responded pretty strongly to it kind of lets you know maybe they see us more as an adversary than they would present.”

Though speaking out for the first time to such a wide audience, he has been an outspoken libertarian for some time.

He recently spoke at a Young Americans for Liberty conference at UCLA. He is also known to be personal friends with and a huge supporter of libertarian icon Ron Paul.

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