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Cher asks Twitter how someone can be gay and a Republican, gets no shortage of answers back

(Associated Press)

(Associated Press) 

Cher turned to her Twitter followers Tuesday night to ask, “Why r There GAY Republicans?”

Cher thinks the two must be mutually exclusive because, “They [Republicans] Think u r An Abomination Against Their Religion,Wont Go 2 ur Marriage, Or Christenings.”

It didn’t take very long for the Twitterverse to explode with answers for the has-been pop queen, The Blaze reported.

Leading the charge was the Log Cabin Republicans, who describe themselves as “the nation’s largest Republican organization dedicated to representing LGBT conservatives and allies.”

The Log Cabin Republicans’ call to “let her [Cher] know” was met with no shortage of entertaining and sometimes thoughtful responses.

Cher, whose question was possibly sparked by “the media’s new favorite question” to ask the Republican 2016 candidates about gay weddings, followed up her inquisitive tweet with another one outlining her ire with the Republican party, which apparently dates back to the Nixon era.