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Actress Rose McGowan tweets fake Ted Cruz quote about Josh Duggar, tells him to ‘Get off of my planet’

Rose McGowan (Associated Press)

Rose McGowan (Associated Press)

Amid the fallout of the Duggar scandal last week, many have spoken up with opinions, including liberal actress Rose McGowan who posted a made-up quote from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and later issued a reluctant, almost-apology.

The Charmed actress’ not-so-charming tweet included a meme from the self-proclaimed “For Entertainment Purposes Only” website titled, “Stop the World, the Teabaggers Want Off.”

The meme pictured Josh Duggar and Ted Cruz with text above them “quoting” Cruz as saying on May 22, “While there may have been an age difference, Josh Duggar’s transgressions are far less an affront to God than what gays do with each other.”

McGowan tweeted it with her own commentary, “You are blight on the soul of humanity. Get off of my planet. #TedCruz #f—wits #rapists #criminals.”

Snopes has since debunked the fictitious quote for those who didn’t understand the site’s specific labeling of political satire and parody.

After backlash from people calling out the quote as false, McGowan tweeted a half-hearted apology one day later:

Despite the attempt at an apology, McGowan shows no apparent remorse for spreading the damaging false quote and tweeted again on May 25, “Why can’t I upset the public? They upset me.”

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