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Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart flex comedic muscle on the ‘dadbod’ phenomenon

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The late night shows have caught on to what’s great about America — the dadbod.

Both The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and The Daily Show discussed the recent obsession with the less-than-perfect male physique.

Fallon made a list of pros and cons about the dadbod.

The comedian cited pros like “saying good-bye to six pack abs” and cons like “[saying] hello to a twelve back of bud.”

“Dadbods are defined by their small belly and round, pudgy curves … so basically you’re an adult baby,” Fallon also joked.

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart and Kristen Schaal, senior women’s correspondent, turned it into a coversation about the “mombod” during their segment on the trend.

Stewart asked, if most of these famous men who have dadbods aren’t even parents, are we ever going to accept the mombod?

Schaal jokingly replied, “Only to see how fast we can get rid of the mombod.”

They featured clips of the media celebrating women who bounced back to have a trim figure right after having a child.