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Boston University professor calls white males a ‘problem population’

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An incoming professor at Boston University appears to have a problem with white people.

Saida Grundy, who was recently hired by the university to teach sociology and African-American studies, called white males a “problem population” on Twitter in addition to posting multiple anti-White tweets, according to Fox News.

Among her more controversial tweets, she wrote, “White masculinity isn’t a problem for America’s colleges, white masculinity is THE problem for America’s colleges.”

She also said via Twitter, “Every MLK week I commit myself to not spending a dime in white-owned businesses. And every year I find it nearly impossible.”

Another one of her tweets put a target on Ben Affleck after he tried to hide the fact that he is a descendant of slave owners. Grundy wrote, “dear white people: u are all ben affleck. those euphemisms for ur ancestors like ‘farmers’ & ‘pioneers’ means owned humans & killed natives.”

University of Massachusetts-Amherst student Nick Pappas was the one to first discover the tweets and post them to

Pappas questioned Grundy’s ability to teach, writing, “You have to teach college-aged white males eventually, no? This seems like you are unqualified to grade their work as you clearly demonstrate some kind of special bias against them.”

Boston University stood behind Grundy, saying she was just practicing her “right to free speech.” Grundy has since made her Twitter account private and has yet to comment on the matter.

Grundy is supposed to begin teaching at the school in June.

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