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Jeb Bush wants to take Pitbull to a baseball game

(AP Photo/Evan Agostini)

AP Photo/Evan Agostini

Jeb Bush wants to watch a baseball game with Mr. Worldwide.

The likely GOP presidential candidate told TMZ in an impromptu conversation that he would choose two individuals — one a deceased former president and the other a Cuban-American rapper — with whom attend a baseball game.

“Governor, as an avid sports fan, if you could bring any historian or inventor to a baseball game with you, who would it be?” inquired the TMZ reporter.

“I might bring Teddy Roosevelt,” Bush responded.

“The reason you like baseball is that you can actually have a conversation with people,” he elaborated, adding, “Might want to have Pitbull too.”

The Florida-based rapper and former governor of Florida would likely have a lot to talk about at that baseball game. Pitbull might even be able to write a campaign song or two for Jeb.

In fact, “I Know You Want Me” might be just what Bush needs to persuade Americans to support his candidacy (after a little rewriting, of course). Jeb could even rebrand himself “Mr. 305.”

Look out, Marco Rubio — someone’s trying to steal your BFF!

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