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Bill Maher owns guns ‘for protection,’ but says ‘Second Amendment people’ have a ‘sickness’

file, via screenshot

file, via screenshot

Bill Maher, who thinks “the Second Amendment is bulls—,” owns two guns for self-defense–but believes that’s okay because he doesn’t love owning them, unlike gun enthusiasts who have a “fetish” and are a “f—ing problem.”

In an interview with Playboy earlier this month, Maher said, “They’re for protection. We live in gun country, even in Los Angeles. I’m not expecting anything to happen, but I want to be ready for it.”

“My gun is my last line of defense,” he said.

“It’s strange to think of you as a gun lover,” the magazine prodded–at which point Maher launched into an explanation of how “Second Amendment people” have a “sickness” and are in no way like him:

I do not love my gun. That’s the f—ing problem with these Second Amendment people. They love guns. For them, it’s not just that guns should be available; it’s that they’re seen as awesome. They go into Chipotle with their rifles. They go on dates with their guns. They take selfies with their guns. They teach their kids to kill with them. They give them as gifts. It’s a sickness. It’s a fetish. I call them ammosexuals.

Maher made similar comments last year, telling Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, “Of course, I think the Republicans are insane about guns because they love guns, which is a sick position to have in the first place, to love something like a gun? I don’t love my gun.

“I have it the way I have, maybe, you know, antibiotics. It’s not something I love, it’s something in case of an emergency that I might have to use.”

(h/t Range365)

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