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Scholar slams ‘infantilizing’ of students who need ‘trigger warnings’ from her talks on feminism

via screenshot

via screenshot

Over the past week, liberal students at two different colleges were sent into a panic because a scholar who disagreed with their claims about “rape culture” and other gender issues was setting foot on their campus. They set up “safe spaces” for students to “decompress” from the trauma of hearing an opinion they disagreed with, and even placed “trigger warnings” on announcements about her presence.

The terrifying scholar in question, Christina Hoff Sommers from the American Enterprise Institute, is a self-declared feminist who specializes in knocking down the left’s hysterical claims about things like the gender wage gap and inflated rape statistics. She appeared on “The Kelly File” Wednesday night to talk about the nightmarish reception she faced at Oberlin College and Georgetown University.

“It used to be people would come and debate me or they wouldn’t like my views,” she observed. “Now they say I pose a threat to their safety. And I am a moderate liberal feminist. There is nothing incendiary about my views.”

“They have safe rooms where they go. At Brown University for example, they have Play-Doh and bubbles and tape recordings of puppy dogs,” she said.

“It’s so infantilizing. It’s so shocking to me as a philosophy professor that free speech, free expression—the campuses have become a hostile environment for free expression.”

Sommers has also been documenting students’ protests on Twitter:

At Oberlin, police were so worried for her safety they gave her a security escort.

“I will say, at Oberlin, I wouldn’t have minded going to their safe room,” she joked. “It was so intense.”

Sommers also gave an interview to Reason, telling them, “It was so over the top—it was pure performance art.”

In the front row, students sat there dramatically with their mouths taped shut. “They just stared,” she said.

“My talk is liberal: pro-women, pro-feminism, pro-social-justice,” she said. “I bet a lot of people in that room agreed with me.”

At the end of the “Kelly File” interview, Megyn Kelly advised liberal students to “toughen up, buttercup!”

Watch Sommers’ interview below, via Fox News:

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