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Rick Perry ‘probably’ would attend a gay wedding

(AP Photo/Tamir Kalifa, File)

(AP Photo/Tamir Kalifa, File)

A fourth (likely) 2016 candidate, a fourth answer to the media’s new favorite question: Would you attend a gay wedding?

Hugh Hewitt, who posed the question to Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum last week, asked Rick Perry, “Last question, this is into the wedding wars. I’ve done it myself, and other people have done it to other people of whether the would attend a same-sex wedding. What’s Rick Perry say?”

“Yeah, well I probably would,” Perry said, “but I think the real issue here is, you know, that’s the gotcha question that the left tries to get out–”

“Well I actually put it out there, so I’m part of the problem if it’s a gotcha question,” said Hewitt, “but it grows out of my belief that we’re focused on the wrong thing. I mean the Islamic State is throwing gays.”

“Right, and that’s exactly where I was going with my response, Hugh, is that we need to be — stand up and say ‘hey listen, you know what, that’s an interesting question and here’s my answer.’ But get this thing back to talking about how do we get Americans back working again, how do we get this economy back on track.”

Marco Rubio was the first candidate to field this question, telling Fusion’s Jorge Ramos last week, “If it’s somebody in my life that I care for, of course I would.” Rick Santorum was a definite no (“That would be something that would be a violation of my faith”) while Cruz never quite answered the question.

Listen to Perry’s interview below:

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