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Jon Stewart skewers the VA’s 44-day-long wait times

via screenshot

via screenshot

In case you forgot, the VA is still terrible. Despite a Los Angeles VA official claiming their new wait times were four days—it turns out it’s really more like 44 days.

So Stewart spent some time mocking the VA’s absurd practices, like using “software that is roughly as old as Keira Knightley.”

“Well I suppose 44 days is better than the previous average wait time of ‘Until the first angel sounds his trumpet and the four horsemen of the apocalypse bring with them hail fire and blood,’” Stewart cracked.

And as for congressional attempts to solve the problem, with their “Veterans’ Choice Program”—that’s not going very well either. It’s supposed to let veterans who have had to wait over 30 days for care seek it outside the VA system.

But it doesn’t always quite work out that way, with spending limits enforcing occasionally-absurd mileage limits.

“So d—ing over veterans isn’t a bug of the program, it’s a feature of the program!” Stewart concluded. “That’s just Congress.”

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