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GOP Senator to White House: ‘Stop celebrating’ Obamacare and ‘start thinking about the people’

Sen. John Barrasso, R- Wyo. (Associated Press)

Sen. John Barrasso, R- Wyo. (Associated Press)

The Obamacare party is over, at least if Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) has anything to say about it. has seen more than 11.4 million Americans sign up for healthcare plans under the Affordable Care Act and President Obama and his administration have been widely touting this number. Obama released a Facebook video on the subject and even did a silly Buzzfeed video with a selfie stick just before the end of the signup period on Obamacare.

But Barrasso said this number is not really all good news.

“It’s time for the White House to stop celebrating and start thinking about the people,” Barrasso said on the Senate floor on Wednesday.

He noted that the enrollment numbers were due to people being required to have insurance by law. He also criticized the administration for a new report from the Congressional Budget Office, which found that the cost of Obamacare was cheaper than expected because of decreases in healthcare spending and lower enrollment than expected.

“Is the Obama administration pleased that the president’s healthcare law is so much less popular than the president and Democrats expected it to be?” Barrasso asked. “…The Obama administration and every Democrat who voted for it should be embarrassed for it.”

Barrasso is leading the group of Republican senators who are trying to come up with “a bridge away from Obamacare” if the Supreme Court ends up gutting the Affordable Care Act this summer.

He believes the states should get more involved in setting up their own healthcare programs and that the individual mandate should be done away with.

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